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Resultspress owner Jim Shirley

I wasn’t always a web developer. But as the internet came along in the late 1990’s, I got introduced to websites when I had to create one as part of a class in college. It was very basic! But I was hooked.

How Did You Get Into WordPress?

I taught myself XHTML and CSS in the early 2000’s and started making my own websites. Eventually, I stumbled across WordPress (that was in 2005) and fell in love with it and learned it inside out.

From there I offered web design and development as a service for years until 2015 when I decided to shift to a website maintenance service business.

Why Website Maintenance?

One of the main problems that clients had with websites was that they either had to learn WordPress or have a web developer handy every time they wanted an update to their site.

It ended up forcing a lot of small business owners into leaving their websites outdated because they didn’t want to pay for fixes or updates.

So I saw a niche there and decided to make that my business.

What Are Your Credentials?

I have a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Denver. I did some graduate work there too (in economics). 

For 15+ years I worked in the mutual fund industry designing and building software.

I’ve written and self-published 12+ books on a variety of topics.

I have run two marathons and several half-marathons.

I have built dozens of WordPress websites.

What Do You Do For Fun?

Helping people with online marketing is what really makes me happy. That includes building websites and helping them understand how a website fits in to a broader marketing strategy that really does help customers buy!

I like challenges – both mental and physical. Sitting down and taking a book idea from beginning to end is hard, but I find it fun. Especially at the end when I am done. Running long distances is fun because it is mental and physical.

Nothing beats being with my family. Traveling to far away places.

 What about you?

I would love to hear your story too.

If you need help maintaining or fixing your website or you would like to talk about how best to approach marketing online, why not contact me?